SHRM Manufacturing

SHRM INFRA Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of OFC Equipment, splice protection sleeves(SPS), Ribbon Fiber sleeve(Half round), Joint closure, BJC (Bamboo), patch cord, JC Box, Alcohol, Fiber stripper, Optical fiber Cable, Cable Accessories, Adaptor , Cable Tie, Copular and Optical fiber Cable Laying, Jointing & Cable Accessories, Cable assemblies,. We maintain a large inventory of trading items like Cables, Cable Assemblies, Connectors. We are approved vendors with Broadband, Telecom Companies & Hospitality Industries. We believe in creating value for our customers by continuous improvement of products, service quality and customer satisfaction.

Established in 2015, SHRM has developed and maintains long-term high integrity relationships with many manufacturers throughout India and with many customers worldwide. We have our team in Republic of China Also

SHRM Manufacturing Offers

  • 1) Joint Enclosure Box 4way/2way
  • 2) Splice Protection Sleeve(SPS)
  • 3) BJC (Bamboo)
  • 4) Patch Cord
  • 5) Cable Ties UV Protected/Normal in all size.
  • 6) Optical Fiber Cable 2F To 48F
  • 7) JC Box
  • 8) Fiber Stripper
  • 9) All Type of Aluminum & Copper Luggs (in all sizes)
  • 10) Clipping Wire
  • 11) Clutch Wire/ Stay Wire 1.2mm/1.5mm/2mm
  • 12) CCTV Wire 3 WIRE/ 4 WIRE
  • 13) Coaxial Cable RG6/ RG59/ RG11 CCU/CCG
  • 14) SS Cable Saddle
  • 15) SS SCREW & NUT BOLT etc.